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A collection of Laments and poems
of praise for the dead with related
quotations, writings, and images
New Fairfield, CT-(Release Date
TBD)From the award-winning
author of Inside Looking Out and
Love Lines comes another remarkable
book suffused with deep and intense
sentiments. Alfred Colos REAPER: An
Elegy is a collection of laments and
poems of praise for the dead filed with
related quotations, writings, and images
for readers to appreciate.
Death is a significant part of life
that everybody experiences. Mourning
fills hearts with grief and misery, pain
and hopeless, and other depressing
emotions. In REAPER, Colo shares
his multifarious thoughts and feelings
about death and its many natures
through his laments and poems. In
these elegiac articulations, readers will
plunge into a melancholic world where
important realities unfold. These poems
talk about pain of death, the bitterness
of losing a beloved, the gloomy shade of
mourning, and the secrets of darkness.
Aside from the poetic expressions are
relative writings filled with insights that
help anyone understand more about
life and death. Related images and
quotations are also incorporated in this
lamenting collection to add a sensible
touch to the writings.

Written not only with a sole purpose,
REAPER: An Elegy also helps anyone to
realize the importance of being prepared
and to constantly keep that strong
faith in God, for death is sometimes
surprising and inevitable.

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