Restrained and Caned in the Asylum

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Woe to the female inmates of Dr. Stern's Asylum, where treatment consists of heavy restraint, gags, enemas, forced sex, and coerced lesbian trysts all in the name of a cure. Caitlyn and her sister Erin continue their degrading journey in the darkly erotic world of the Bondage Asylum series.

Ashley squirmed and squealed, drool rolling down her chin as he shoved his throbbing rod inside of her wet, wide open twat. She always fought really hard against him, but Bruce knew that in the end she’d be writhing for a different reason as he forced her to endure multiple orgasms. The doc had told Bruce that straight jackets, or any form of restraint, increased the tension, and therefore the release, of sex.

All he knew was he loved fucking these hot bitches and not having to worry about them slapping his hand or saying ‘no.’

“Oh god, you’re so fucking hot,” he said between pants as he drilled her cunt with rapid, hard thrusts. “Like a perfect suburban doll. Guess you regret getting on that pyramid down in Mexico to take selfies now, don’t you? Your privilege and wealth mean nothing here.”

He grabbed her hair and yanked painfully, using the hand hold to better fuck her helpless twat.

“You’re nothing…entitled to nothing…just a…warm…wet…HOLE!”

Bruce cried out as he jizzed inside of her. He collapsed on top of her, his weight crushing her to the cot. He knew that Ashley had been fitted with an IUD that prevented pregnancy. Nothing to worry about there, and she had a clean bill of health as far as STDs went. All of his patients did.

“All right, Ashley, let’s get you cleaned up for your group therapy session.”

He unstrapped her ankles and thighs, allowing her to extend her legs for the first time since he’d left her that way the previous evening. As an orderly, he had every right to prescribe a tie down. The stupid bitch had accidentally scraped his cock with her teeth while sucking him off. What did she expect, being a stupid clumsy whore like that?

“Aww, poor baby.” Bruce ran his fingers over the deep indentations left by the straps. “C’mon, let’s go.”

He took her off the cot and placed her on her bare feet. Then he grabbed a hand full of her hair and bent her over at the waist. Keeping hold of her hair with one hand, he slid the other down the slope of her ass, and between her pussy lips, stroking her with sensuous but ruthless aplomb.

Then he shoved two of his fingers into her cunt, and using this handhold force marched her toward the door. Bruce let go of her hair for just long enough to use his fingerprint to open the automatic door. Then he went back to marching her out into the hall and toward the communal shower.

Ashley struggled to keep up with the hard pace he set. Bruce finger f****d her the whole way, adding to her misery. He made her cum right in front of the shower room door, and she squirted onto the marble tiles.

“God damn it, you fucking bitch.” He pulled his fingers out of her and then forced Ashley’s face into the puddle of ejaculate. “You’re going to clean this shit up.”

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