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Can one Reverend shepherd her small town through a valley of mystery?

When Reverend Margot Quade returned home from serving in the Army, she didn't expect to stumble right into a murder but, when she ends up at the heart of a mystery, she can't help but solve it. And as her time home unearths the town's oldest secrets, she can't help but seek out the truth, even when it means putting herself in peril. From neighborly rivalries to painful blasts from her past, Margot's faith serves as her guide to unraveling each new mystery.

REVEREND MARGOT QUADE COZY MYSTERIES THE COMPLETE SERIES contains all six books in this inspiring, Christian cozy mystery series.

Binge the complete series in this fast-paced, faith filled series today.


Here's what cozy mystery fans are saying about Reverend Margot Quade:

★★★★★ "Everything you look for in a good mystery" – Mimi (Goodreads review)

★★★★★ "The plot is captivating and infused with enough twists to keep us guessing to the end." – Alan (Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ "This was a fun page-turner with wonderful characters who will keep you entertained from start to finish." – faithejackson (BookBub review)

★★★★★ "I am loving this series." – Sherri Geisler Locke (Goodreads review)

★★★★★ "I like that Margot is a strong, compassionate person who works to help others, no matter who they are." – Dorothy Scott (Goodreads review)

★★★★★ "If you love cozy mysteries then I recommend this series." – hbane12 (BookBub review)

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