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Show no mercy to the merciless. No conservative is spared in this comedic masterpiece.

Popular conservatives targeted and reduced to rubble are Michele Bachmann appearing as a contestant on The New Dating Game, Newt Gingrich throwing a Thanksgiving Dinner party with conservatives for guests and liberals on the menu, Donald Trump teaching Business 101 to college students, Sarah Palin proving she is Alaska's village idiot, unique interviews with George W. Bush, and Fox News Channel is given the thrashing of its life for being the most partisan and intolerant "news" network on TV.

Other popular conservatives like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and prominent Tea Partiers are bloodied as well, punctuated with laugh-out-loud humor, such as what happened when I pitched a movie idea to Hollywood executives, a transcript of a conversation a listening device picked up in the Oval Office between George W. Bush and Karl Rove in 2001, and much more.

This book has been divided into two parts, this edition being part one. Both editions are comparable in quality, humor, and interest; the content has merely been separated, because eBooks in the humor category should be quick and easy to read. The reason The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the best satirical show on TV (besides The Colbert Report), is thirty minutes long isn’t because the writers could only write a half hour of material — it's because direct, in-your-face satire needs to be taken in small doses.

With The Right Has Never Been So Wrong: Political Satire For Our Times, the laughs never stop as a new humorist bursts on the scene with this outstanding work of literary art.

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9. September
Finn Contini