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Download Robinson Crusoe and travel back to 17th century York, where a son is born to a proud merchant of German origin. Written by the famous writer and journalist Daniel Defoe, you'll be gripped by a story packed with conflict, complication, climax and suspense. 

Born to a middle-class family, Crusoe wishes to travel the world, but his father forbids him and issues him a warning and a curse: that if he leaves home, he will experience nothing but trouble. 

Curiosity and rebelliousness prevail, and Crusoe departs for Africa, where he is captured and enslaved. After he escapes to Brazil, he makes a living for several years on his sugar plantation...but continues to encounter bad luck. 

He then finds himself the lone survivor of a shipwreck on a desert island. Completely isolated, he has a spiritual awakening and begins reading the Bible. One day he finds footprints in the sand and discovers, to his dismay, that they belong to cannibals.

Will Crusoe escape the cannibals? Will he find company? Will he ever return home? Or is he destined to suffer bad luck from his father's curse? 

Published in 1719, this priceless classic tells the story of a young man who succumbs to temptation and embarks on a journey that will forever change his life. 

Download Robinson Crusoe today and travel the world with Crusoe as he experiences suspense, adventure and climax!

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