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Emma is charmed by two older men who take her home and introduce her to the world of lust, humiliation, and pleasure. Her size-kink is explored and encouraged, as is her newfound interest in bondage and submission to strangers in public places. There is very little she will say no to once she discovers all the pleasures waiting for her.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"One tall pumpkin spiced latte, thank you," she tells the barista before she can ask what she wants. Then, she takes three careful steps to the side and waits for her order without grimacing.

Dom is sitting with his client with his back to her, but even without looking at his face, she can tell he's pissed. His posture is all tense muscles.

She picks up her drink and finds a chair that looks marginally more comfortable than the wooden ones. It's right behind Dom's seat too, which means he will have to see her before he leaves. Perfect. She sits down.

"Oh, ffuu-" she grimaces. The soft cushion pushes the toy deeper inside her than it had been before and she freezes, breath caught, the sensation rocking along her already electrified nerves.

Dom freezes mid-drink and the man he's talking to glances at her. He's an older gentleman, in his forties, probably. she knows she's gotten his attention instantly. The thought makes something inside her clench and tighten. She sips on her drink and looks elsewhere, trying not to appear suspicious as she eavesdrops on their conversation.

His business associate leaves first, giving her a leery smile that she wishes she could wash away from her brain like, yesterday. Then, Dom stands up and gazes at her with knowing eyes that makes her breath stutter.

Her fingers dig into her thighs, trying to gain some measure of control over herself.

"Did John send you to pick me up, darling?" he asks, sliding into the seat opposite hers.

She's just glad they aren't leaving yet. She's not sure if she can take it right now. She's a second away from another orgasm. "Yeah," she says, hiding her face behind the too-sweet drink.

"You look uncomfortable. Are you feeling well?" he asks with a knowing smile.

It makes her blush harder. Her eyes flutter close as she shifts in her seat and she lets out a low moan, like she's enjoying her drink instead of teetering on the cusp of orgasm. "I'm uh- I feel good," she says and it's true. That's just the problem. She feels too good.

"Are you done with your drink? Let's head home," he suggests.

She nods jerkily and manages to give him a shaky smile. "Okay." She wonders if he knows, if John had talked about his plan to stuff her full before sending her off on her errand. Maybe this was Dom's plan. It feels more like his plan. John's so possessive with her that he would barely let her out of the house without a jacket on. He's ridiculous, but she enjoys it too much to complain.

Dom's fingers are tight on her elbow as he guides her out of the cafe and leads them towards his car.

She's glad for his grip. It's something else for her to focus on other than the way the dildo slides in and out of her with every move, the tight pantyhose pushing the dildo back in with every step. She thinks she may have gotten away with it. Maybe he truly doesn't know. It would be fun to show him, once they get back to their house.

His car is nestled between two SUVs and she climbs into the passenger seat at the back without even thinking about it. She's used to Dom and John being in the front seats.

It's not until she's sliding into the passenger seat of the car that Dominic makes his move. He grabs her leg ...

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16. August
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