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A unique title comparing rural policies and employment in the two most developed parts of the world — the EU and USA. While both regions are concerned for their vast rural areas, each adopts a strikingly different approach to create and maintain employment there, making rural space attractive to businesses and residents. This book focuses on a major issue of socioeconomic and policy concern, i.e. whether jobs and incomes can be protected or created in rural areas, where often agriculture no longer provides a large and secure basis for employment. Within a 'paired' chapter structure covering both the European Union and the United States of America, it deals with several themes of interest including farm policies, labor entry and exit, and rural and household enterprise diversification. Specific 'special studies' also analyze recent developments within countries or regions.Contents: About the Editors About the Contributors List of Abbreviations List of Figures List of Tables Introduction and Key Conclusions (Sophia Davidova, Ashok Mishra and Kenneth J Thomson) General Policy Context: EU Policies and Rural Employment (Berkeley Hill) US Policies and Rural Employment (David Blandford) Trends in Rural Employment: Rural Employment Trends in the EU (David Harvey) Special Study: The Productivity of Family and Hired Labour in EU Arable Farming (Mathias Kloss and Martin Petrick) Entrepreneurship in Rural Employment in the US (Tessa Conroy, Steven Deller and Matthew Kures) Farm Policies and Rural Jobs: CAP and Rural Jobs: Analysis of Studies (Mauro Vigani, John Powell and Janet Dwyer) Special Study: The Importance of Territorial Diversity: Employment Effects of the CAP's Pillars 1 and 2 in Rural Areas in Italy (Francesco Mantino) Employment Effects of CAP Payments in the UK Non-Farm Economy (Marian Rizov, Sophia M Davidova and Alastair Bailey) US Farm Bill Policies: Impacts on Rural Economic Development (Mary Ahearn) Special Study: Public Policy, Lending and Social Equity Issues for Rural America (Charles Dodson) Entry, Exit of Farmers and Migration: Entry and Exit of Farmers Across the EU (Davide Viaggi) US Trends in Farm and Off-Farm Rural Employment (J Michael Harris and Ashok K Mishra) Wage, Employment and Demographic Trends for Hired Farmworkers in the US (Thomas Hertz) Agri-food Chain: Value Added and Employment Growth in EU Primary Agriculture and Food Processing (Trevor Donnellan and Kevin Hanrahan) EU Food Quality Policy and Rural Employment (L Dries, J Peerlings and L van de Pol) Post-Farmgate Employment in the US (David Swenson) Diversification: Rural Diversification and Job Creation in the EU (Kenneth J Thomson) Special Study: The Role of CAP Rural Development Programs in Creating Rural Jobs in Poland (Katarzyna Zawalińska) The Role of Agriculture and Farm Household Diversification in the US Rural Economy (Thomas G Johnson) Rural Recreation: Rural Tourism and Recreation in the EU (Bill Slee) Agri-tourism and Rural Outdoor Recreation in the US: A Framework for Understanding Economic and Employment Dynamics (Dawn Thilmany, Rebecca Hill, Michelle Haefele, Anders van Sandt, Catherine Cullinane Thomas, Martha Sullins and Sarah A Low) Special Study: Agri-tourism as a Strategy for Farm Economic Development in New Jersey, USA: Opportunities and Cautions for Farmers (Brian J Schilling, Michelle Infante-Casella, Stephen J Komar and William J Bamka) Index Readership: A general audience interested in agricultural, economics and rural affairs, with little mathematical content or abstruse economic arguments. Rural Areas;Rural Development;Agriculture;Employment;Labor;Jobs;Common Agricultural Policy;European Union;United States00

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