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One of the most common human fears is the fear of the unknown. At a time when we constantly have infinite information literally available at our fingertips, this fear is more relevant than ever. We don’t like it when we see something that can’t be easily classified or explained by doing a quick search on the internet. It disturbs us and forces us to confront the fact that as much as mankind has discovered, there is still so much that we don’t know.

This book will present to you stories about ten of the world’s unknown creatures. Mysterious creatures are found all across the globe. One of the chapters will take you down Africa’s Congo River, a waterway that is mostly unexplored, where it is believed a species of dinosaur lives quietly beneath the rushing current. In yet another chapter, you will be taken to rural Ohio where a Bigfoot-esque creature terrorized a family.

All of the encounters recorded on these pages happened to real people. Be warned that stories will disturb you and that many of the people who have come across an unknown creature have never recovered. Every day they deal with the trauma of their encounter and are continuously haunted by the fact that what they saw has never been seen before.

You will find no creature comforts here...

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
29. August
Hector Z. Gregory

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