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Have you dreamed about becoming a scratch golfer? Do you wish that you could casually and consistently score in the low 70’s or even sneak in a round under par?

Well, let me tell you that is definitely possible with hard work, determination and these principles to help you finally breakthrough in golf.

You may be thinking...I’m shooting in the 90’s, there is no way I can become a scratch golfer.

I disagree -- why?

Within five years I was able to go from shooting a 122 to shooting a 72. Yes, I was able to score 50 shots better in a matter of years.

I’d love to say it’s as easy as “follow these five steps” or “shoot par golf tomorrow” but it would be a lie. Golf, as you know, is the hardest sport in the world. It also happens to be the most rewarding. Success doesn’t happen overnight but if you master certain skills you will set yourself up to score much better and become a scratch golfer in the long run.

This book is your blueprint to success -- here’s what you’ll learn:

● The drills that pros use to refine their game and how you can implement into your routine
● How to finally straighten your driver and give yourself more opportunities
● Learn to eliminate negative thoughts and use your mind to change your game forever
● How to play great under pressure with visualizations and a consistent routine

Start learning the secrets of becoming a scratch golfer from someone who has done it!

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November 20

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