Seven Tourmalines of the Rainbow Seven Tourmalines of the Rainbow

Seven Tourmalines of the Rainbow

A homeopathic study with case samples

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The Tourmalines are complex in their diversity. The varying combinations of differing mineral constituents are what give each type of Tourmaline a special meaning. Micro crystals collect to form a new organism. One could say they arrange themselves for a particular purpose. In this rhythmical array of minerals lies the essence of the crystal. The variety of mineral compositions not only produces a diversity of colour but also influences the value and beauty of each individual Tourmaline, influencing in turn the homeopathic significance. According to an old Egyptian legend, the Tourmaline is said to have wandered across a rainbow on its way out of the earth and by doing so, it took on all the colors thus becoming "the rainbow gemstone". 

The most beautiful and wondrous colors and light come from the dark depths of the earth; precious objects, which carry the greatest spiritual energies. The solidified symbolic purity, perfection and preciousness concealed within gemstones, must be released, just as J.W. von Goethe describes in his "Fairy tale of the Green Serpent and the Beautiful Lily".

The Tourmaline possesses pyro- and piezoelectric features, this shift of charge is the reason for its bipolarity. It generates an electrical charge under pressure or through change of temperature. This property is used in the aircraft industry these days and contributes to increased aviation safety.

Through homeopathic trituration and potentisation and the subsequent homeopathic proving, we gain an additional dimension from this gem. As illustrated by the case descriptions included in this book, we see what deep healing potentized tourmaline can initiate in the treatment of sick people.

Anne Schadde is an experienced Homeopath who has continuously applied herself to sustaining the tradition of homeopathic provings. She sets an example with her dedication and energy. As a teacher, she has the gift to pass on to others what she has experienced and understood herself. Gratitude to Anne is due, from both patients and homeopaths, for her work and ability to Share. (Walter Schmitt, pharmacist, Enzian-Pharmacy, Munich, Germany)

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