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DeAndre doesn't know anything about Shadow Demons. Gabe sees him under attack and tries to help, but when he realizes DeAndre can see them, too, he sees there's hope for Rockport.

All around the city, people are getting sick, and accidents are happening. Most of us can't see what's causing the problems. The Blackwings can. They see the Shadow Demons. Gabe is a college student, the oldest demon-hunter still fighting. Alexis is a high school student who wanted to be left alone, but hunts demons as part of a team. DeAndre is the latest to realize what's going on, and it cancels the big plans he had for his life. The Shadow Demons are attacking. They eat the life out of people. They must be stopped.

Shadow Lands is a multi-level, easy-to-read, 15 book fantasy series. Each level is a set of 5 books that revolve around the same main characters. All sets feature male and female teenage characters and contemporary stories including events at school, family issues, and relationships. The mature fantasy themes in these series (Vampires, Witches, and Mutants) are designed to appeal to struggling readers ages 11 to 18 and up.

Level 1: Thirst is written using the most frequent 1000 words in the English language (Lexile: 140-240).

Level 2: Coven is written using the most frequent 1200 words (Lexile: 270-300).

Level 3: Blackwings is written using the most frequent 1500 words (Lexile 340-410).

All books are available in the iBooks Store.

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