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The Triforce, that golden entity set in place by the three goddesses to protect all Hyrule, has been broken—into nine Shards instead of three this time. Darkness creeps along the fringes of not only Hyrule, but also of Termina and Twilight. These three realms, intimately linked, can only be rescued by...
A young boy who cannot speak but whose courage will emanate louder than any evil he faces.
A princess as timeless as the shadowy realm from which she returns.
These two Heroes against three great enemies: Ganondorf, Majora, and the young, ambitious Zaruman, who connects both guardians and enemies of the three realms in ways which the heir of Link could never imagine....
In a race against time, and in a mission which breaks the boundaries of time, Hero and Princess must combine courage and wisdom to collect the notes of a powerful requiem. They must use their knowledge of the ancient legends to press forward and resurrect a mighty weapon from Hyrule’s past. Aided by a strange voice, Great Fairies, and their own intuition, will they succeed like the Hero who came before them?
Can darkness and light converge without creating shadow?

* Author's Note, July 5, 2012:

This is the updated version of "Silent Hero;" after reading through and gaining some feedback from readers, I found several minor but certain plot holes; I apologize to my readers and hope they will find these fixed. "Silent Hero" is still the same story, only with the kinks worked out now.

Feel free to read more on my decision to re-edit the book and my process on my blog, "The Golden Healer," as found on Blogspot.

Thanks to all my readers, God bless, and may you be inspired!

~ Christine E. Schulze

3. November
Christine E. Schulze


Sascha 92 ,

leider nicht auf deutsch -.-

eine schande das
man zu so einer guten story nur ein buch in dem store findet ubd das dann auch noch nur auf englich gibt -.-

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