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A fantastic collection of ten short stories from Emmy Award winning author Jack Norton. Gritty dark noir tales of mystery and suspense...steamy sexy stories of sinners, saints, sluts...and everyone in between!

Stories in this collection are:

1. That Lovely Night In Berlin

It's time for you to slip into a seductive world full of lust, love and everything in between…the game is starting…are you ready to play?

2. Rednecks And Longnecks

Welcome to life on the shores of the Redneck Riviera. A world where sin runs rampant, lust drives men mad, women rule with power over their prey and justice is a fleeting line. The rules of the game are simple...there are no rules.

3. Ejackulations: Sexy Confessions Of Teenage Love

A high school math teacher with a dangerous confession...will he fall for a tight teen student? An insurance adjuster from Iowa and a bored teen in suburbia with daddy issues. An older woman hiding her lesbian lust and a young teen girl wanting to explore...

4. The Man Who Never Lived...Until He Died

Tom rolled over. Kissed his sleeping wife on her forehead. Rolled back around. Opened the drawer of his bedside table. Pulled out his pistol. Opened his mouth. Pulled the trigger...

5. The Old Jism Trail

He was a bard in the old Shakespearean tradition…a carefree minstrel, wandering from town to town…but poor old Cactus Jim had picked the wrong town…and maybe, the wrong girl.

6. Living And Dying At Perky's Cafe, or: Feigning Love

He remembers the loving, the fighting, the grass, the writing, the knocking, but after that…he remembers nothing. Just a big, ol' glorious blank space in his brain where thoughts outta be. Everyone wants to see the train wreck, but nobody wants to be the engineer...

7. Morning Dew

Martha was a powerful woman that always got what she wanted…Dewey had no idea what was in store for him.

8. The Girl The Heart The Killer

Her name is Emily. She just turned ten years old. Her mother is Karen...It's a very risky procedure. A 50/50 chance of survival...His name is Mike. Killing isn't really his fault: it is The Hunger that makes him do it...

9. Swami Lars

Leah Lane didn't need to dig too deep. The truth, as it turns out, was all around here. She just needed to open her eyes to it. If you have no real dogma, any dogma will do...

10. And Then I See A Darkness

Theodore Turner simply floated and flickered through his days: life becoming just a series of never-ending strange feelings, constantly plagued by The Darkness and his wife Annabelle. Late one night a strange woman named Sadie Green arrives at Theodore's door - and she stands to change everything...

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