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What happened to numerous missing white, young females in Southern Europe and northern Africa? The 78,200 word, timely fiction thriller, Slave Market, is a vivid account how slave traders kidnap, beat and train these unfortunate females to serve as sex objects for their Arab masters. It is a must-read Sci-fi story, for most people, because it describes the inner workings of humans trafficking.

The newly elected president of Tunisia, hired an undercover person in Austria, named Sam, to help him eradicate the slave traffic in his country. Sam knows two young gunsmiths, Benner and Heidel, experts for their methods of eliminating undesirable characters of society. They chase Arab traffickers of human, white, female flesh from Europe to Tunisia and across the Mediterranean in their steel cruiser. They travel from the smoky dance halls of Austria to historic Genoa, Italy and to the hot and humid Tunisian desert, where white young females and camel boys are grossly mistreated.

Adil Abu Bakr, the Tunisian slave runner in charge, is feeling the pressure imposed on him by the new president. Benner and Heidel exercise their kind of justice and the president pays them by the number of slave trafficker’s heads that they deliver.

Police Inspector Bruno Schultz is relentlessly investigating the murders. Circumstances forced him to take the middle road between right and wrong, a circumstance that the inspector has great difficulty dealing with.

Justice will be served.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
4. Juni
Arnold Inzko