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Everyone is more busy today than ever before, yet we need to read increasingly complex and vast material in diminishing time. Speed reading is the skill of significantly increasing your reading speed, while maintaining (and potentially enhancing) your comprehension and recall.

The average English-speaking adult reads 2 hours a day at a reading speed of 220 words per minute (books/eBooks, articles, magazines, emails, web pages, documents, etc.). If you can read only twice as fast, with same comprehension and recall, you have saved 1 hour. Easy mathematics. Speed Reading Excellence aims much higher.

Amazing Speed Readers enjoy their readings more, achieve more and have a great sense of control. They can read and absorb knowledge, experiences and facts, understand much faster than most and recall for far longer what they have read.

How can you become an Amazing Speed Reader?

The answer is simple: Train your eyes, hands and brain to effectively read, understand, store, then recall, important information that you want to remember. In a highly-competitive and fast-paced business, workforce and academia environments, speed reading is a gratifying ‘competitive advantage’.

The Habits of Amazing Speed Readers 

Eliminate Bad Reading Habits (e.g. regression)
Use Reading Accelerators Efficiently (e.g. hand)
Master Mechanical Movements (e.g. turning pages)
Increase Horizontal Vision Span (see more line words per eye fixation)
Increase Vertical Vision Span (see more lines per eye fixation)
Optimise Eye Movements in All Directions (forward, backward, diagonal)
Optimise Concentration and Comprehension (understand better what you read)
Optimise Retention and Recall (remember more of what you read)
Apply Preparation Techniques (e.g. skimming, scanning, preview)
Understand Writing Styles (e.g. fiction)
Understand Writing Structures (e.g. paragraphs)
Improve Vocabulary (roots, suffixes, prefixes)

As per Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. With Speed Reading Excellence, you have a complete programme including 3 major Workouts with real-world exercises, which will help transform your speed reading into a habit.

Speed Reading Excellence 139 pages with 14 chapters of theory and 16 real-world exercises, transforming your speed reading into a habit.

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