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Are you happy?

Are you fulfilled in your relationships?

Are you growing your business?

Are you inspired?

Are you passionate about your life?

Are you passionate about your business?

Are you radiating success?

Are you making a difference?

No? Then business coach, entrepreneur and motivator Jamal Sahib has the antidote.

In Start with the End in Mind, Jamal will lead you on a journey of self-discovery into you, the people around you, the mindset you bring to life and business, and how your preconceived ideas about leadership, fulfilment, expectation and responsibility can derail your dreams.

Using real-life coaching examples, coupled with the latest coaching techniques and insights, Start with the End in Mind will help you strip out imposed ways of thinking, enable you to crystallise your ambitions, deepen your understanding and appreciation of the people around you and guide you to a better, healthier, more fulfilling and impactful future.

Start with the End in Mind - The 5 Secrets to Life & Business Success will teach you to value your strengths, show you how to capitalise on your weaknesses, equip you with the tools to get the most out of those around you, give you permission to surround yourself with positivity, tear off the blinkers of self-deception so you can clearly see your path and will lead you from dreams and goals into action and success.

Jamal Sahib is a man with a vision, making a difference…

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23. September
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