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Start with Why: How Great Leaders  Inspire Everyone to Take Action - A Complete Summary

Start with Why is a book written by Simon Sinek. Someone may ask, what is so special about this book? In this book, Sinek discusses success, but not in the usual, “follow these steps to achieve anything you want,” way. Sinek uses a different approach than readers tend to find in other literature of the same type. 

The very first premise that the author uses to lead us into his book is a premise that contains one simple word: why. Why do some people reach success while others do not? Why do some groups manage to team-up and endure challenges, thus succeeding, while others fail to do so? What is it that makes some people different from others when it comes to achieving success? The entire book revolves around that question word. But the interesting thing about it, which eventually leads to even more interesting conclusion, is that there is an answer to this “why.” Sinek uses many examples from real life and from people he knew or had researched, and shows how they managed to succeed. By using these examples, the author shows his readers that if others can succeed, so can we. When it comes to practical answers to “why,” the author invests significant effort in finding all the answers. 

Start with Why is an intriguing and fascinating read, which will surely make readers ask themselves this simple, yet tricky question: why? 

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15. Februar
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