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This ebook provides a quick overview of how to use the Anchor app on your smartphone to develop, distribute, and monetize a podcast for free. The Anchor app is available through the App Store and Google Play at no charge. Once downloaded, you can use the app to record episodes and distribute them to a multitude of platforms automatically. This ebook tells you how to record and edit so that you can get started with the app in no time at all. It also covers monetization with sponsors and what some of the going payment rates are. The information in this ebook is presented in a conversational tone and is fairly easy to follow.

Is this ebook for you? The answer is yes, if the following sums you up:
•You are a beginner podcaster.
•You don’t have a lot of equipment but you do own a smartphone
•You don’t have a lot of time to develop your podcast right now.
•You’re not even sure that you want to have a podcast.
•You’re not interested in having to do a lot of research about making and distributing a podcast.
•You want to be able to take a few creative liberties with your podcast (i.e. add background music).
•You want to be able to distribute your podcast to multiple platforms in an easy way.
•You want to be able to monetize your podcast.
•You’re comfortable using smartphone apps and some of the technology on your phone.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a current podcaster looking to switch to something simpler and less costly. You might even have heard about Anchor App for podcasting, and you want to know more. Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

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30. Dezember
Shelia Huggins