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New sandbox full of zombies! The following guide is a compendium of valuable information and comprehensive walkthrough to State of Decay 2 game. Learn how to survive in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombie by knowing all enemies, resources, and heroes.
State of Decay 2 is a third-person, open world survival game set in the times of Zombie apocalypse. Main tasks for the player in State of Decay 2 consist of finding, uniting and leading a group of survivors who are trying to defend their base while keeping their morale high enough so the whole team remains integrated. In the course of the game, the player not only has an opportunity to lead a single hero, but also explores the world as one of many characters, switching from person to person whenever necessary. Thanks to this solution, the player can choose the right character to perform a specific task.
In the State of Decay 2, your main task is to survive. In order to stay alive and in good shape, you need to travel through a vast area controlled by Zombie, look for other survivors, collect resources and set up bases in which your team can safely rest and accumulate supplies: medicines, fuel, building materials, food, ammunition, weapons, and so on. Below, you will find many tips to help you survive in the dangerous world of State of Decay 2.
This game guide to State of Decay 2 provides all the useful information on how to survive in this unpleasant Zombie environment. You will find not only valuable tips, fundamental survival principles, activities to accelerate the development of your community, but also a description of the raw materials, character development, database development and general advice about game mechanics.

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