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Why do I feel the need to argue about everything with my husband? Why do I feel threatened when being told to do something by anyone? Why do I feel as though I need to win the discussion, turned argument? Why can’t I just sit quiet and agree? I remember one particular argument with my husband years ago. As usual, it started by disagreeing on something so benign, it warranted no further discussing. But, oh, no, he wasn’t going to get the best of me. Truth be told, we were both thinking the exact same thing. That angst turned into malicious attacks of each other. Why? Why did it have to result into that, every time? One day, I had reached my limit to what I felt was him treating me like a doormat. I fell to my knees in prayer and just asked the Lord to guide my heart and thoughts. What do I need to do to change this cycle? I prayed so many times with what appeared to me to be no answer that I decided to go hunt for an answer in the Scriptures. Don’t you just love when the Lord does that? I started researching submission, and this book is the result of that research. I wanted to share my very personal and vulnerable struggles with other women, men, and church groups. If I was having challenges with submission, surely others were too. Maybe, just maybe, my failures could be the catalyst for someone else’s success. This book was written based on my personal experiences (negative and positive) and my own struggles with submission as a Christian woman, wife, mother, daughter, employee, and tax-paying citizen. I also hope to shed light on the fact that everyone is under submission in some aspect of their lives. I decided to write this in hopes other women who struggle with this concept might be encouraged that there is hope for the stubborn. I used scriptures specifically related to submission, not just for women, but for everyone. I also infused a great deal of humor throughout as I know this topic can become very heavy-hearted, and using humor made it easier to entice the reader to keep going. I learned a great deal from researching this book, as did my husband, which amazingly made our marriage stronger and more deep-rooted in Christ. I must believe that if it can make a positive impact on our marriage, as stubborn as we both are, I pray it can make a difference for others. 2

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29. Januar
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