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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes.

*As you read this summary, you will discover that a product or service must first and foremost serve a purpose, that of satisfying the consumer's expectations, and be designed accordingly. For this to work, the company must be structured around that purpose.

*You will also discover that : companies that want to improve their products do not focus enough on the specific needs of their customers; without a clear idea of the purpose the product serves, innovation is haphazard; the "job-to-be-done" theory (a set of missions to accomplish to satisfy the customer) allows for full customer satisfaction and ensures a competitive advantage in the long term; a "job" is determined by the context of the customer experience according to its practical, social and emotional aspects; by focusing on "jobs", it is possible to establish efficient processes and virtuous habits that make employees more autonomous and motivated.

*Innovating and satisfying customers is the primary concern of companies. Despite high-performance tools and increasingly abundant data, the results obtained are rarely up to their expectations. Internal teams too often have the impression that they are exploring at random and rely on luck to discover the next major innovation. In order to become more efficient, they must first and foremost better understand the customer's needs in order to structure their work process around the customer's specific needs.

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Business und Finanzen
15. November
Shortcut Edition

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