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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes.

*As you read this summary, you will learn that an anthropological revolution such as the world has never known is at hand: not only slowing down and stopping the aging process, but even reversing it.

*You will also learn that : we have been conditioned since the dawn of time by the inevitability of aging and death; of the 150,000 people who die every day in the world, 100,000 die of old age; our reactions to revolutionary progress are sometimes irrational; the acceptance of the aging process must become increasingly politically incorrect; certain cellular and molecular changes must take place if we are to fight effectively against the aging process; a militant spirit is indispensable for the diffusion of the author's theses.

*All scientists who study the biology of aging agree on one point: one day, relatively soon, we will be able to reverse the aging process using techniques still under study today. Among these scientists, Dr. de Grey stands out for his constancy and combativeness. His fight against aging has become his raison d'être, and this book is a kind of manifesto. In this book, the author demystifies anti-aging techniques, making them easily accessible to all. A salutary work, which has already been praised by newspapers as serious as the "Wall Street Journal" or the "New York Times".

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November 21
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