Svetlana's Submission

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Svetlana Breshnev, ex Russian special forces, begins a new adventure when she is hired by a private security firm to investigate a venture capitalist's mafia connections. In order to enter his world, she will have to be a trained submissive... When Lana enlists the help of the experienced Mistress Elvira to prepare for her undercover assignment, they begin a lusty, passionate affair. Will she choose love over duty, or break her Mistress's heart.

“Stop,” Elvira says, sighing. “You got one out of me and that's all you're going to get.”

“Yes, Miss Elvira,” Matty says, standing up and pouting. I look at her terrible, dark purple tits and wince in sympathy. Before I can stop myself, the words come out of my mouth.

“I won the contest,” I say “so I should get to wear the breast bondage for the rest of the day.”

“What?” Matty says. Elvira's mouth becomes an o and she can't suppress a chuckle.

“Well, now!” she says. “I think somebody wants that Brass Ring! Very well, Lana dear. You've certainly earned some breast bondage, you dirty, slutty little pussy licker.”

I bury my face in the cushion and gasp as another orgasm takes me. Elvira strokes my hair again and kneels down, putting her face close to mine.

“Why do you turn your face away when you cum?” she asks. “As your top, it's my job to see that you cum as much as possible...with my permission. Now, perhaps you haven't been informed of the rule, but this will be your only warning. No orgasms without permission from your instructors or those they designate to have temporary authority over you. Clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Elvira,” I say.

“I do think it's cute that you cum when I talk dirty to you,” Elvira says with a genuine smile. I can't help but blush. “Oh, you're so embarrassed. That's cute too. But it's wrong. You shouldn't be embarrassed about the things that get you off, Lana. Not as long as there's always a line of consent.”

“I'm not ashamed,” I say, though we both know it's a lie.

“Oh really?” Elvira says. “Is that what you think...slut?”

I try to turn away, but her hand holds my head fast with a handful of hair. She leans in close, so close I can feel her breath across my skin.

“You're a dirty slut, Lana,” she says, eliciting a gasp from me. My cunt throbs, and I grind against the crotch rope in spite of myself. “Dirty fucking filthy pussy licking whore!”

“Oh god! Please, Mistress! Please!” I scream, holding myself back, but just barely.

“Cum for me, Lana,” Elvira says.

And I do, screaming and thrashing about on the ottoman. My legs slip off the edge, but my upper body stays put due to her grip on my hair. I end up half kneeling and half draped over the footstool. The pain in my knees and scalp is a mere raindrop in the face of the ocean of my orgasm. For some reason, having to ask permission made it much more...intense.

Now it's her turn to sneer in satisfaction at me. Yes, I can take control of your cunt, too, her eyes say.

Then she motions Matty over and begins picking free the knots that hold her tits hostage. I'm both impressed and a little bit apprehensive over the intricate nature of her work with the rope; it takes fully five minutes before she unwinds the last bit of twine from Matty's agonized breasts. Bit by bit, they cease to be the swollen, jutting balloons they were and sag back into what a woman should naturally look like. Elvira massages her student's breasts, eliciting a squeal of pain from Mat

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