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In the grand traditions of 19th-century scoundrels and romantics, Africa struck Peter Moore as the ideal place to find solitude and anonymity in the face of personal crisis. So, a week after breaking up with the GND – his travelling companion through Central America – our intrepid explorer set off to the Dark Continent to lose himself for a while.

Following the fabled Cape Town to Cairo route by any means possible, Peter’s journey took him from the southernmost city in Africa to the pyramids of Egypt, across vast game parks, past thundering waterfalls, through cosmopolitan cities and tiny villages – through the very heart of this remarkable continent. With almost every country along the way in a state of political turmoil, he not only had to grapple with wild animals and natural disasters but also civil wars and corrupt governments: just the sort of heady cocktail he thrives on.

And being on his own, it was inevitable that Peter would fall in with the usual motley crew of

locals and fellow travellers who managed to show him how, in the face of greater adversity than a broken heart, life should really be lived.

The result is an epic, hilarious, gut-wrenching true story of derring-do and derring-probably shouldn’t have.

‘The Jim Carrey of travel writing has tapped out another racy travelogue’ - Sun Herald

‘Written with the kind of hopeful astonishment that marks out the genuine traveller from the fakes and passport-stamp collectors’ - London Student

‘Moore has a parched dry wit, the solid brass cojones of a true traveller and a rare eye for the madness of the wider world’ - John Birmingham

Reisen und Abenteuer
30. März
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