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It has been written that their souls will unite and travel across time and space throughout the universe for all eternity and that their love shall have no end. They will survive many lifetimes until they fulfill their destiny. Only then can they finally bring a balance to their hearts’ desire. Only then can their souls satisfy their thirst to unite and become one …
In 1877, Prince Nidal is the crown prince of Arabia, born to a life of privilege and bound by ancient laws. With his thick black hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and a warrior’s body, he is perfection—and the dream of every woman in the land. Powerfully arrogant and fiercely sensual, Prince Nidal has the whole world at his feet—until the night a dream turns his perfect world upside down.
There he sees the perfect woman, his true soul mate. He falls fiercely in love with her and dedicates his life to searching all of heaven and earth to find her.
Far away, the young maiden Loula lives a happy life working in a bakery in a small town in the Americas. Her simple life is filled with simple dreams, and her wish to become a bride is soon to come true.
It takes years, but when Nidal finds his Loula, she becomes his sweet obsession—and nothing will stop him from possessing her. He kidnaps her on her wedding day and whisks her back to his kingdom. Theirs is a world of love and passion and a scandal so strong it rocks two nations.

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12. November