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The journey of one woman who is professional Social Worker who carries you through the politics of the system based upon human nature, combined with the perception of professionalism. The title refers to animals that tend to act on their instincts without conscience. The female spirit dominates by looking at each scene candidly as it is played out that underscores facets of American government in the twenty-first century and beyond.

The main text opens around 1970 when Tasha returns to work after Maxi-Facial Surgery. She finds it strange when her new supervisor indicates that she is to have a conference with him for pre-evaluation of job performance, as the yearly performance evaluation is not until May. Aspects of her behavior are assessed as seductive and each worker is told that to keep their job, they would have to take psycho-therapy. Tasha feels somewhat self-conscious and the perception that she has falsified records leaves her in a fairly precarious position. Jessie provides a measure of comfort and she starts going to church on a weekly basis. She files an EEOC Complaint, the President of the Labor Union attempts to persuade her to drop the case and Tasha becomes ill. As the work progresses, she navigates numerous challenges, some of which test her level of resolve in one way or another, in an impulse to write, she finds a measure of sanity and also frequently turns her faith as a viable means towards overcoming the most daunting perceived and unperceived obstacles.

The concluding pages of Tails of a Social Worker recount Tashas impression of her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, which is a vivid expose of efforts to reconcile her seductiveness with some of her professional goals. In the closing, Tasha was often highly misunderstood. Many people wanted to crush her spirit because she didnt conform to their lifestyle.

The work is intended to capture the imagination to enlighten and to provoke thought.

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