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In Tainted Glass, my narrative non-fiction, readers will follow Sara as she discovers the inner reserves of strength long hidden in order to embrace a new life.

Sara is a ten-year-old vibrant and vivacious child from a clergymans household. She is abused sexually by her cousin, hiding this from everyone including her family, setting in place years of self-doubt and a pattern of abuse she must strive to overcome.

Saras dad is transferred to Dharwad, Frederick Memorial Church, as a senior pastor, which is twenty-two kilometres from Hubli, where she currently resides with her parents. While in Dharwad, at the tender age of thirteen, Sara falls in love with a seductive sixteen-year-old boy from the local neighbourhood. Sara and Justins relationship turns obsessive. Justin, from an alcoholic and abusive family, gets involved with dangerous company and starts abusing drugs. He becomes very possessive and controlling of Sara.

Sara, irrevocably in love and besotted with Justin, does anything to please him; even Saras virginity is given to this end.

The couple later marry. The physical abuse begins with their honeymoon and continues for several years to come. Sara attempts to commit suicide but is then saved. She goes to extreme lengths, even humiliating herself by obeying degrading demands, to prove her love on his demand. Alcohol and drugs wreak havoc in her endeavour to save the harrowing marriage.

Two years after migrating to Australia, Sara and Justin have a son. The violence continues unabated, but now extends to their son, Jacob.

The intricate nature of domestic violence and sexual and physical abuse wreaks mayhem on Saras life. Finally, Sara takes shelter in a domestic violence womens refuge. Justin then hangs himself in the family home just thirty-six hours after Sara leaves, accusing her of taking his life in a letter he leaves behind.

Sara, even after this reprieve, is heartbroken. She returns to her family home with her son, to an increasing solitary and sequestered existence. The Indian community, in its tradition of pretending that domestic violence does not exist, ostracises Sara, just at the time when Sara needs support and security the most.

Three years later, Sara finds love literally on her doorstep, when Sam entrusts his three-month-old sons care into the capable hands of Sara, now an educator at childrens services. At the same time, Sara then has to have a hysterectomy as a result of a prolapsed uterus. This precludes her chances of having children ever again with her newfound love.

But this time around, Saras new love is strong and true and most importantly, it is mutual! She learns to overcome her loss of her husband, and today, Sara is happily married to a wonderful man and is leading a contented, fulfilling life with her blended family and two wonderful boys.

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