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Hot renowned erotica author A. Bennett has thrilled readers with fervent and heat-stirring stories of passion, sex, and need for years. In “Taken in Cuffs II (Police Erotica),” Bennett describes the ‘punishment’ of a young woman. This story is rewarding for cops, criminals and erotica fans!

Taken in Cuffs II (Police Erotica)

Jenny was caught in the right place at the wrong time. She pleads with Officer Johnson saying that she’ll do anything if he won’t take her to the station and call her parents. Officer Johnson reluctantly takes the beautiful Jenny to a different kind of punishment facility, where she’s taught how bad girls are treated.

WARNING: This 5,000+ word erotic eBook is sexually explicit, and contains graphic sex and language including: bondage, spanking, public sex and humiliation, masturbation, oral sex, and anal penetration.


“You’re here for a reason, or else you would have gone to the station and waited for a release rather than coming here. And I guarantee you will be cumming here.” The woman drew out the word ‘cumming’, making her meaning clear and instead of asking Jenny to remove her underwear the woman ripped it down with force enough to leave a burning sensation where the elastic met with her hips.

Jenny’s breath caught and she felt more exposed than she’d ever felt in her life.

The woman grabbed her wrists, put them back in cuffs, and attached them to some bar overhead.

“Step out of your underwear and spread your legs.” The woman demanded, the voice coming from behind now.

Jenny did as she was told raising her leg high to get it out of her underwear. A slap between her legs bit into her flesh with something more than a hand. Jenny recoiled pulling away, but unable to protect herself, with her hands cuffed to the bar over her head.

“You were brought here for punishment and I’m going to see that you get it. Spread your legs wider.” The woman demanded.

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12. Oktober
A. Bennett

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