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Rory Talbot and her husband, Rick, know they’re a lucky couple. Against their parent’s and everyone else’s warnings about teenage marriages not lasting, the two of them went ahead and tied the knot when they were fresh out of high school, at eighteen.

Ten years later, they’re still happily married, through college, with good jobs, a growing down payment fund for their dream house, and a fun lifestyle. They love to party with their circle of close friends, and both of them, if asked, would rate their sex life as wonderful.

And then one night, completely by accident, after one of their frequent house parties, one of their oldest friends, Thorn Martin--too drunk to drive home after the party and passed out in the guest room--stumbles into their bedroom as they’re making love. Despite their protests, he joins them in bed.

Rory and Rick; none too sober themselves, soon discover that two guys and one girl between the sheets can lead to some truly explosive sexual adventures. And so it is that Thorn, whom they’ve known since their early high school days, becomes an even closer friend; the third member in the new three-way sexual liaison that all of them soon come to enjoy tremendously.

After months of exploring this new relationship, Thorn suddenly disappears from their lives and from their bed. It seems that he has a new girlfriend, Anita, and is spending all of his time with her.

Missing Thorn’s presence in her life more than she would like to admit, Rory talks Rick into cornering their friend at his favorite bar after work one night to grill him about why he doesn’t seem to have time for them anymore. To their shock, they learn that cute, vivacious young Anita is a swinger, and that she and Thorn have been attending wild swinger parties together.

Anita boldly suggests that the four of them go back to Thorn’s nearby duplex that very night and trade partners, to see if the Talbots might enjoy swinging as much as she and her new boyfriend do. Rory is very reluctant, regarding their old arrangement with Thorn as a pleasant aberration; she prides herself on never having actually “cheated” on her sweet Rick—despite their many evenings with Thorn—and can’t see herself as a “swinger” type.

Seeing that the rest of the group is eager to try Anita’s suggestion, she finally agrees to give Anita’s proposal a one-time try out. The evening soon makes a believer out of Rory; she can’t wait to try swinging for real, at a bigger party with lots of other couples.

Will this new direction in their lives strengthen her long marriage to Rick, or will swinging mark the beginning of the end for them?

Author’s Warning:

This is a story about swinging. It features multiple partner sex, lesbian scenes, and other extremely adult depictions of sexual encounters. If you don’t enjoy this type of explicit portrayal of such scenes, please don’t buy this book. You won’t enjoy it.

Belletristik und Literatur
21. November
C.K. Ralston

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