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Dr. Ruby Ward has been a successful licensed and ordained minister and spiritual leader for many people seeking to change their life spiritually and financially.

She is married, has two children, and five grandchildren.

She is the founder and Director of Families United for Restoration, and the Economic Empowerment Foundation for Women. Both programs are community-based organizations to assist families (men, women, and children) spiritually and financially.

She was inspired to write this book because of the lack of information today pertaining to alternative ways of making a living besides working on a job to have a successful life.

This book teaches people how to take control financially over their lives by applying spiritual principles and taking physical action.

The author focuses on helping mankind to live a successful life. In all of her books she creates an atmosphere where you can obtain Godly wisdom and understand the divine nature of God as its relates to a persons life.

She has written several best selling books to help people understand Gods plan for their life spiritually, financially, and socio-economically.

She teaches economic empowerment.

Most people see the author as a true woman of God making a difference in other lives and one who understands her true potentiality in life.

Many people have read her books and applied her teaching to their life.

The author teaches that your life is changing whether you are involved or not.

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