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In order to know how we might best live our lives, we must first know who we are. This is why we feel compelled to understand ourselves and to clarify our identity. A critical aspect of this “search for self” is knowing and understanding our personality type (e.g., INFP). Unfortunately, most personality books provide only surface-level information about the 16 types. Seeing only the outermost shell of the types, they fail to capture their nuances and complexities.

This book is different. Not only does it explore the conscious and more overt features of the types, but it also enumerates what is happening on a deeper level—in the subconscious layers of the personality (e.g., the inferior function). In so doing, it manages to explain many of the variations and inconsistencies of the types, as well as the inner struggles that stem from these opposing forces.

Rooted in the seminal works of Jung and Myers-Briggs, as well as recent advances in type theory, this book offers in-depth descriptions and analyses of each of the 16 personality types. Each personality profile contains an introduction, an examination of type development over the lifespan, and detailed explorations of the type’s personality functions and inner struggles. 

In short, this book will illumine your conscious and less conscious personality, awakening new potentials for growth, insight, and personal development.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
1. Dezember
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