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"I will be the one to break you, to remake you," the iron-masked scientist tells Charlie while he's held captive in the seventh chamber.

In the last book of the, Final Form Series, Charlie is struck by horrific dreams and visions of the 7 House. Iron-masked scientists attempt to force him to transform into something unknown by applying something they call, Deliverables.

Meanwhile, thanks to a rag-tag group of street kids, Charlie survives his plunge into the freezing ocean.  Samantha and Luca, however, are nowhere to be found and as his father's terrors over the city grow more and more deadly his chances of seeing them alive again become slimmer by the minute.

When everyone around Charlie starts to turn into zombies, he seeks shelter in a safe haven known only as the Domain Underground. As Charlie fights with the Domain Underground rebels against his father's evil creation of clones, he gets closer and closer to uncovering the truth of the 7 House and the answers to what his Final Form will be.

Soon, Charlie discovers a whole new layer to his father's twisted plans. A final war is brewing between Charlie and all the rebels, against his father's wicked army. Charlie must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his new species and the human race.

The 7 House, is book 3 of The Final Form Series, where incredible powers come with a new phase of human evolution.

What will their final form be…

The Final Form Series:

Book 1 Thought Changer

Book 2 The Serial Seven

Book 3 The 7 House 

2. Oktober
J.D. Cavan

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