The Alpha’s Mate The Alpha’s Mate
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The Alpha’s Mate

Huntsville Pack Book 1

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Little known fact about being a werewolf: There are always wolves at your door and some of them will stop at nothing to take you down.

My dreams have finally come true: I'm a null no more, my wolf has finally come. I'm now a full member of my pack in the remote Appalachian ‘weretown’ of Hunstville. Even better, I'm mated to the pack's next alpha, Jackson Swift.

However, now that I'm on the other side of my happy ending, things aren't quite as rosy as I'd expected. The women of my pack resent my status as alpha's mate and suddenly there are rumors that I'm an Omega, a werewolf so weak they are banned from ever mating. Worse, an old flame of Jackson's blows into town full of disapproval....and competition. It seems no one likes me except Jackson.

Then women start disappearing, violently kidnapped from their homes and never heard from again. There's a killer stalking my pack, and he's set his sights on me next.

I'm going to have to fight...for Jackson, my pack, and my life.

This novel is a sequel to the bestselling To Bring Her Wolf and is a spicy read with some suspense where a rejected mate kicks butt and makes good.

What reader's say about Michelle Fox's werewolves:

"I love how well the characters are developed and rounded out - I feel like I know about these characters before they jump in the sack - which for me is a HUGE deal!"

"Fox adeptly weaves several enchanting love scenes into her romance framework. Best of all, they actually add to the story."

"This is the third shifter story I've read from this author, and I love the edge of humor, the way she introduces the problems of the pack, and the wolfish behavior that sneaks into the human interaction."

Editorial Review:

4.5 stars from Night Owl Reviews: "I got caught up in the interesting, original storyline, drama, action, suspense. I was not bored with Michelle Fox's vivid storytelling. I could not put the book down."


"I think my wolf hates me." I rolled over in bed and snuggled up against Jackson with a pout. It had been two weeks since he brought my wolf and claimed me as his mate. My life should be perfect. I had everything I’d ever wanted; a place in the pack and my very own 'tall, dark, and handsome' man to warm my bed, but things weren't seamless.

I felt itchy in my new skin, as if it wasn't the right size. From the way some of the other wolves treated me, it seemed they felt the same. I hadn't fit in when everyone thought I was a null, and now I didn't fit in as a wolf.

Jackson wrapped a strong arm around me and gave me a reassuring squeeze. "It just takes some time, Clo. Changing is awkward at first."

"She looks at me like I'm offending her." I frowned. She was doing it right now, in fact. Whenever I blinked, her haughty expression flashed against the backs of my eyelids. "How does your wolf look at you?"

He cocked his head and thought for a moment. "He just looks at me."

"That's it?" I sighed and rolled away. Jackson oozed sex like a pagan god and he looked the part too, with his sculpted muscles, dark molten chocolate eyes, and black, wavy hair. However, it sometimes seemed he didn't think over much about anything but sex.

Not that I was complaining. He was a fantastic lover, but I would've appreciated a little introspection just then. Maybe all the hot steamy sex we had was messing with the blood supply to his brain.

Punching my pillow, I attempted to settle in for the night. Sleep eluded me more often than not these days. Everytime I closed my eyes, there was my wolf, her gleaming yellow gaze boring into my brain. She seemed to be expecting or wanting something, but I had no idea what.

"I know a way to guarantee sweet dreams." Jackson's hand spun little circles on my shoulder as his other hand inched the covers off me. I shivered, both from his touch and the cool air. We'd started our relationship in the fall when the sun was still strong enough to blunt the chill. Now, on the cusp of winter, the air nipped at my skin.

"Oh really?" I arched an eyebrow and resisted the urge to pull the covers back over me. Jackson was warmer anyway. Not to mention he provided orgasms.

"Yep." He straddled my hips and leaned down to nuzzle the nape of my neck.

"Let me guess." I put a finger to my lips and pretended to think very hard. "Is it sex?"

His deep chuckle seemed to rumble through my body as well as his. "Yep." Jackson gently kissed my neck working his way to the hollow of my throat.

"Again?" I gave a soft gasp as his lips roamed my sensitive flesh. We went at it so often I wondered if we were really rabbits. The sensual pull between us was magnetic. We almost couldn't help ourselves.

"And again," he murmured in a baritone so deep, it vibrated through my neck. "I can't get enough of you Chloe. Not since the day I first saw you."

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