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Three research scientists and a forest ranger have committed their time and energy to spend the summer in eastern Washington State in the great northwest, searching to prove or disprove the myth surrounding Bigfoot. None of them believe that it will lead to more than a few scant clues and only meager evidence that will merely carry on the folklore. That is, until they stumble upon hard evidence of the creature through a series of events that will not be easy for them, or you, to accept as factual. Not only is the myth of Bigfoot tackled head on but answers to such questions as UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), crop circles, cattle and horse mutilation, and the question of "are we alone in the universe" are examined and illuminated.

A strange rescue mission is asked of the team; but all along they must contend with the harassment of disgraceful journalists, whose mission is not necessarily the truth. The team must deal with world governments and the US military, who are in the middle of things for their own purposes, causing the situation to become even more convoluted. Scavenger star races are set to invade; but no one believes the team and they have nowhere to turn for help until a "special friend" lends some assistance in hopes of saving the people of the entire planet.

The Answer is excitement, humor, love, and startling revelations that will keep you interested to see what happens next. You will have to decide for yourself if this is a work of science fiction or a factual account of an elaborate cover-up.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
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