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"The Art of Making Sense" provides an overview of applied positive psychology that draws on established approaches and recent scientific research, coaching & Tao practices to enhance your life experience, work performance, stress resistance, and wellbeing in many areas.

It looks at different but highly connected complementary areas such as Buddhist Practice & Tao, Philosophy (namely Secular Ethics, Stoicism and Scientific Humanism), Flow, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Human Evolution, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming to find interesting, surprising & essential answers.

This book tries to help you understand and grow, and tells you what they didn't tell you at school:

* how to find your needs, strengths, passions, and values that keep you sincerely motivated,
* why and how emotions are a very important part of your decision-making,
* why focusing on positive things can rewire your brain to be more optimistic and effective,
* how to deal with typical irrational thinking and communication patterns,
* how small new habits and simple rules can change your whole life,
* why too much choice is a big threat to your freedom,
* how to define & reach your goals,
* why failure can actually be a good thing, and
* what dying people regret the most.

Here is what the readers say about the book

* "I wish I had found this book earlier. This is so eye-opening and inspiring."
* "This book is packed with useful advice and actionable hacks. It could be considered the mother of all self-help and coaching books."
* "This is what I have always been looking for. An impressive collection of wisdom."
* "This is the most beautiful e-book in iBooks that I have ever read. You will love it!"
* "This is my bible. I read in it every day."
* "This is a very well structured playbook with a lot of useful advice and recommendations."

About the Author

Eckehart Röscheisen works as a computer scientist, journalist & book author (with more than 2000 published print pages) in Hamburg, Germany. He is the founder of the e-book publisher Screen2.0.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
1. November
Eckehart Röscheisen