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Are you looking to build a daily routine that can promote longevity and optimal health? Do you wish to synchronize your schedule with nature's rhythm? Do you wish to be disease-free for the rest of your life? Do you want to live a longer, better, and happier life? If yes, this book is going to be an important asset in your life...

Our generation is usually always going through a tough phase. Late nights at work, early meetings, and hectic social life are just a few things that add to our everyday stress. But the main cause for your distress is the lack of a regular schedule. Our forefathers never had to worry about stress since they maintained a disciplined Dinacharya that they followed faithfully. This helps keep the doshas in balance, controls the body’s biological cycle, promotes discipline and happiness, and reduces stress.

A lack of routine can also cause many lifestyle disorders such as obesity, hypertension and stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease, dyslipidemia, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, indigestion, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer, and early manifestations of aging like greying of hair, wrinkles, depletion of energy levels, etc. Simple adjustments in one’s lifestyle may prevent these numerous health risks and more.

Dinacharya is formed from two words—‘Dina,’ which means day, and ‘Acharya,’ which means activity. By incorporating Dinacharya's basic self-care practices into your life, you will be armed with the skills you need to foster balance, joy, and overall long-term health. It teaches people how to live a better, happier, and longer life while avoiding any illnesses. So irrespective of your body type, age, gender, or health condition, you should opt for a healthy lifestyle.

A daily routine is essential for bringing about a dramatic transformation in the body, mind, and consciousness. Routine aids in the establishment of equilibrium in one's constitution. It also helps with digestion, absorption, and assimilation, as well as generating self-esteem, discipline, tranquility, happiness, and longevity.

With this book, I'll show you how to align yourself with nature's rhythm every day so you may remain healthy and happy for the rest of your life. You will overcome all kinds of mental and physical illnesses in your life. The best part is that these suggestions are centered on Ayurvedic principles and are easy to implement.

This book covers:
✔️What is Dinacharya?
✔️Importance of Dinacharya
✔️Dinacharya Benefits
✔️Daily Cycles and Dinacharya
✔️The Morning Dinacharya
✔️The Afternoon and Sundown Dinacharya
✔️The Evening and Night Dinacharya
✔️How to Implement Dinacharya into Your Life?
✔️Tips to Boost Your Progress
✔️Beginners Dinacharya Mistakes

This book is perfect for anybody seeking simple, all-encompassing methods to live a more genuine and balanced life. You'll discover techniques and ideas to help you stay calm, balanced, and joyful.

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Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
26. Juli
Rohit Sahu

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