The Bond we share

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Bree finds herself trapped in the darkness of the maiden with all her fears bearing down on her until her dealing comes to help guide her. Bree discovers her deerling is her long-standing childhood best friend and her adopted sister mia,s husband Tom.

Tom tell Bree the tale of how he came to be as he is and how Bree gave him more than he could ever have dreamed of for himself. 

Bree ignites a fire that becomes her looking glass through to a past she must discover.

Aiden is on the outside of the maiden keeping everything under control when all magic begins to leave the lands and its people. in the midst of all the panic, a strange new woman squares up against Aiden and his companions declaring Bree is a false princess and no daughter of queen kate.

Rumors begin to fly as brees legitimacy is questioned and this missing true princess.

Tom helps Bree fight through the flames of the past as she is shown the story of Leandra and Mitace, a couple from hundreds of years past in a land far above that has no good or bad, love or hate. it is perfect balance until one day Mitace sees Leandra as more and cant fight how he feels about her.

The more Mitace falls from grace others follow taking it into a far greater place until mitace takes Leandra fleeing to the lands below where they discover they have powers. 

Aiden goes on a trip to find a moss that hopefully can replace magic naturally and heal his capium burn that is threatening his life.

Aiden and his friends discover a strange object that holds the moss they were looking for once Aiden and his friends are back together a journal is given to Aiden that holds answers for Bree.

Leandra and mitace give birth to a baby girl in the crystal cave also giving birth to magic through the lands at the same time. With everything way off balance the wise ones enlist the farier people to hunt down the child once Leandras baby is taken from her she goes into a fit of rage forcing Aquilla up into the heavens and expelling the wise ones from their homes as her heart breaks from the loss of her child, she turns to stone becoming the maiden and mitace vanishes.

Aiden has followed a trail that leads him to people and places that need help and mysteriously Aiden seems to be in the right place at the right time once again.

Bree discovers she was the baby and mitace and Leandra are her parents and she was thrown through time as a baby by a starlight butterfly and her new challenge is to restore magic to the lands with the birth of her baby in the same cave she was once born.  

Once out of the maiden Bree is greeted by Aiden and their friends they tell each other of their discoveries and Aiden gives Bree the journal they found that is from Bree and mia's mother kate who turns out to be the mother who raised Bree and gave up her child madeline so no one would discover the truth about Bree.

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29. Juli
H.L. Jones

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