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3 gripping historical horror novellas that will throw you head-first into battle on the edge of the Roman Empire.

**From Bestselling Historical Fantasy Author, Adam Alexander Haviaras**

With this special box set you also get a glossary of Latin words, and a new, alternate ending, not available anywhere else!

Only when fear is at its most intense can true heroism come into the light…


The legions of Emperor Augustus have returned victorious from putting down a massive revolt among the Germanic tribes of the Danube frontier. While Rome basks in its success, a new foe is gathering in the darkness of the Carpathian Mountains. 

When a young boy shows up at the distant fortress of Troesmis, it falls to Optio Gaius Justus Vitalis and his centurion to investigate the horrors described by the young refugee.

It is just the beginning of a struggle between the Eagles of Rome and the undead forces of an enemy that could halt the Empire’s northern advance. 

Download this first novella of the Carpathian Interlude historical horror series and get ready for action, mystery and blood in a clash between Light and Dark.


In the year A.D. 9, three legions of the Emperor Augustus are massacred in the forests of Germania. It is a defeat that fills the heart of the Roman Empire with terror.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Gaius Justus Vitalis and his surviving men are struggling with the trauma of their battle with the Immortui in the Carpathian Mountains, an experience that has changed them forever.

When shades of the dead whisper to Gaius that something more sinister and terrible is responsible for Rome’s recent defeat in Germania, he knows that his days of peace are numbered.

Aware of Gaius and his men’s unique experiences, the Emperor orders them across the Danube frontier to discover what has happened to the lost legions, and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The stakes are high, and Gaius knows that if he does not succeed, he and his family are doomed.

With a handful of warriors, and a boy who may hold the key to his enemy’s defeat, Gaius crosses the frontier to hunt down the truth behind the horrors he suspects in the forests of Germania.


In the wilds north of Rome’s Danube frontier, the Carpathian lord has revealed himself.

Few of centurion Gaius Justus Vitalis’ men have survived the horrors of Germania, and the young Thracian boy, Daxos, has been taken.

Darkness is spreading rapidly, and the Carpathian lord grows so much in power that even the gods are in danger.

As evil forces torture Gaius’ family in Rome, he and two of his best legionaries are fighting their way across the perilous lands of Dacia to rescue Daxos, and to face the Carpathian lord once and for all. It is the final battle in a conflict that began at the dawn of time.

Will Gaius and his men succeed in bringing Mithras’ light into the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, or will they and their families perish in the gathering darkness?

The adventure begins with the appearance of a young refugee beneath the walls of a distant legionary base…

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