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The Childless Society - An action-adventure, futuristic science fiction drama

One hundred and fifty years into the future, Canadians, known as Crehus (Created Humans), are prisoners in their own country; sterilized and unable to have their own children through government deception. The government now produces children in birthing labs and raises them in child rearing centers. Population control and conformity has been achieved through the ruthless use of technology.

Jack, the main character, is a high ranking government employee who reluctantly agrees to act as a media spokesperson to report on illegal "Family Survival Group" activities for prosecution. Family Survival Groups are illegal because they want to reinstate family values and practices into society, but several high ranking government officials wish to keep things as they are.

Dorissa, Jack’s partner, is the superintendent in charge of a birthing lab. After stumbling upon, and joining a Family Survival Group, she concocts a scheme, without Jack’s knowledge, to create children using reproductive cell samples that were harvested by the government years earlier from each member of her Family Survival Group.

The story takes us through the creation; the discovery of the creation; and the pursuit by the government, of this Family Survival Group, as they try to flee Canada and escape with their children to the United States of America, the last free country in the world..

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
22. September
Joel Foote