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Written by someone in the field who has in-depth knowledge of the process inside and out, you will be able to increase your efficiency and effectiveness and improve your score through this FSOT Study Guide and thus improve your chances to pass the FSOT as well as the rest of the Foreign Service Officer Selection Process.

How Will This FSOT Study Guide Increase Your FSOT Score?

No book can teach you everything you need to know about the Foreign Service Selection process.  But it can teach you about:

The in’s and out’s of the FSOT test process
Give you examples and experience before taking the test
Find out what not to study and what to focus on
Give insight to what the testers are thinking and what separates the diplomat from those that fail.

ONLY 33% pass the FSOT and out of that, only 20% make it to become a Foreign Service Officer.

With this FSOT Study Guide, you'll have access to information not found online with real insight from someone who has been in the field as well as from others who live that life every day.

What Does This FSOT Study Guide Come With?

Other than a vast amount of knowledge that only those who have taken it before can express, the FSOT Study Guide provides you with the following:

Breakdown of the FSOT Test
Pretest to help you find your weaknesses
What recommended books are worth your time and which are not
Tips and strategies that only an FSO would know
Same level of information for the QEP, and FSOA
2 unheard of issues that are causing most candidates to fail, but after reading this, you won't!
A professional practice test that will help you to decide if you are ready.  This test even includes: Job Knowledge section, English Expression usage and Biographical Information section. 

Find out how you can be in that 20% from someone who knows.

FSOTprep.com gives this FSOT Study Guide their #1 recommendation and names it the “Best ROI for those who need to pass now.

Get Your Copy of the Complete FSOT Study Guide Now Before We Raise the Price!

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