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Rita and Donny Davis live in a small, rural town in Texas. They grew up there, went to school there, and have carved out for themselves a pair of unremarkable lower middle class lives during their first twenty-five years. Donny works in a mill, Rita is a part time bank teller; they have a small, recently-purchased tract house, a new pick up truck, and an old beater for Rita to drive, and a small mountain of credit card debt.

And then, seemingly from out of the blue, Pete and Doreen Jensen show an interest in them, striking up a close friendship with a couple they’ve known since all four of them were children in grade school together. But the Jensen’s, who are socially prominent, wealthy, and considered to be “somebody” in their small town—in short, everything the Davis’s are not--have an ulterior motive behind their sudden friendship.

They are members of a local, secret swingers club. And they want the attractive young couple to try a “swap” with them one Saturday night, to see if Donny and Rita will enjoy swinging as much as they do.

Encouraged by how well that first evening went, the pair decides to accept Pete and Doreen’s invitation to a much larger swinger party. At first, things are fine, but then Donny begins to have second thoughts as Rita really begins to spread her wings as the newest member of the exclusive club. She quickly becomes the “belle of the ball” at swinger get togethers, and finds, to her shock, that she not only enjoys sex with multiple partners, but with other women as well.

Can the young couple adjust to these revelations about Rita’s sexuality, or will their two year old marriage fall by the wayside amid Rita’s growing desire for more and kinkier experiences?

Belletristik und Literatur
21. November
C.K. Ralston

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