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Sweet Medicine, Book One: Misled

Karen Carver is a doctor who volunteers at a free clinic two days a week. The clinic is run by a local corporation, Gregory Industries. Its founder, Benton Gregory, was raised in the same neighborhood where the clinic is located. Karen, often frustrated by the lack of available budget at the clinic, agrees to help investigate missing medications when a man she believes to be Gregory Industries’ accountant asks for her assistance.

Karen, single for far too long, finds the accountant overwhelmingly attractive. When they meet again so she can report what she has discovered, she finds it difficult to concentrate on anything other than the dimple in his cheek. However, just as she is beginning to give in to the attraction she feels for him, she learns that he is not who she thinks he is. The accountant, it turns out, is actually Benton Gregory himself.

Karen was raised by a self-made man, a father with a quick temper. Karen has made it her goal not to be anything like her father. Therefore, when Benton asks her out to dinner in an effort to apologize for misleading her, she refuses. The last thing she wants is a man like her father in her life and that is exactly what Benton appears to be. It would be much easier to resist his constant advances, if he wasn't the most attractive man Karen has ever met.

15. Oktober
Mark Mulle

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