The Doctor's Presentation (Bimbo Aphrodisiac Menage and Medical Exam Erotica‪)‬

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Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bimbofication, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, multiple partners and rough group sex, medical examination, public exhibition, a dominant older man and the increasingly submissive, fertile young subject of his experiments. All characters are 18 or older.

Hopelessly struck by Dr. James Vellano's good looks, celebrity renown, and of course his erotic pleasure therapy techniques, Kelly Mundson has surrendered herself to the famous researcher's experimental project to create the perfect sex kitten: voluptuous, horny, and eager to please. A month ago she was just a shy intern drifting without direction, but through intense and extensive pleasure therapy - along with the physical modifications that have given her the body to make any man go wild - she has proven a flawless test subject for the doctor's experiments in creating the ideal bimbo.

But now he's decided it's time to bring this breakthrough the attention it deserves, and he's going to put Kelly centerstage for a demonstration of his new techniques to a group of colleagues flying in from across the country. But maybe even he has underestimated the power of the changes he has inspired in his little project, because once the doors are closed and the presentations have begun, things seem ready to get hot and out of control, very fast.

Can the doctor's submissive, pleasure-loving creation handle all the appetites of a world driven wild by her sexual allure? Or will she prove powerless to resist even her own scientifically enhanced urges to take it hard and fast from any man who will give it to her?
The Doctor's Presentation is the second installment of the Bimbo Therapy Series. Each episode can be enjoyed in order or as a standalone story.

"She's at her most docile immediately after a session," he went on. "This was usually when I found it easiest to take measurements and gauge progress. At other times she can be – through no ill intent of her own – a little … excitable. That is, if you'd like to examine her, now would be a good time."

A babble of quiet speculation met his words. Several of the researchers approached me. They were initially dubious but I smiled encouragingly at them, happy to show I could be cooperative, and managed to stand up straight and expectant. Dr. Vellano usually gave me a little longer to recover after an orgasm, but I was supposed to be on especially good behavior.

They surrounded me, obviously enthusiastic about the chance to examine me. Curious fingers felt the smoothness of my skin, the contour of my side, and ran through my thick, lush hair. I basked quietly in their attention and let them touch me wherever they wanted. All the little caresses - ten or twelve hands on me at once - gave me the hot, sort of dirty feeling that my body was public property.

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11. September
Jessica Whitethread

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