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Sean Higgens was a man adrift. With no real clue as to what he was supposed to do with his life after tragedy had struck years prior, he had settled into a dull routine as a handyman on the island of Beacon Bay - that was until Gwyn Owens sat at his table. A beautiful, alluring, magical woman in every sense of the word, he was beginning to open up to her when a fellow resident of the island announces he's found something on the beach - some kind of salvage that he's insisting on claiming.

With Gwyn accompanying him to the beach, Sean soon discovers a mysterious, sealed container that just doesn't seem right to him, and it's not long before a terrible evil is unleashed on the island. With his life - and sanity - being threatened, Gwyn takes Sean under her wing, promising him protection against the darkness that could easily be his end. Sean soon discovers, however, that Gwyn might help him realize his full potential, awakening a power within him that he never knew he had.

The Doom at Beacon Bay is an urban fantasy, occult horror novella that combines thrilling action with deep characters, perfect for someone who wants to enjoy a fast-paced, easy to read story.

Belletristik und Literatur
30. Oktober
Chris Thompson

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