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Nadine is supposed to be in Mexico with Zeke looking at properties to buy to allow Daniels' Security to expand.  Instead, when she got to the border, she learned her passport had been flagged and she was sent home while her husband crossed the border alone.  

But there is always something to be done in Kansas City and Alex has a new case.  A professor recorded video of a UFO and then two strange men dressed all in black threatened his family and took the video.  Nadine joins the investigation into the Men in Black. As they search for answers, one of Daniels' Security's more eccentric clients calls  saying that somebody is trying to dognap her award-winning dogs. Nadine is ready to dismiss the case until she discovers the client lives in the same neighborhood as the professor. Is the fence dismantling dognappers or is it related to the search for UFOs?   

It seems unlikely the two things are related, but Nadine has a feeling that something else, something bigger, is going on.  Especially when her and Alex discover the real identities of the men in black. Now, they will have to dig through the conspiracies to find the truth behind the UFO encounter, the fence being taken down one board at a time, and the Men in Black.

Krimis und Thriller
30. April
Hadena James

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