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At a junior high youth rally, a boy and a girl both prayed the same prayer. How else could God answer them except to reconnect them when the time was right? For the sake of this beauty, whose name he never caught, Alan Zimmermann would do anything to find her, the “Viking Princess,” even if it meant deepening his faith and learning what God really wanted of him. Anna Hillman was gang raped on the eve of her graduation from college, and there was date rape before that. She prayed to God for help. Trusting men was impossible, but she sank what little trust she had left into God alone and was rewarded in the form of a tall, handsome man her age who was determined to make it to his wedding night with his virginity intact. That promise gave her time, time to heal, time to really know him, time to be sure that if any man ever touched her again, that she wanted it to be him and only him, but Alan’s bent on finding his princess. Will he still accept her when he finds out the secret she’s been keeping? Follow their journey back to the beginning, back before trust was lost. When promises were made and were meant to be kept.

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4. Mai
Marilyn Gregoire

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