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A GAME OF CATS AND BIRDS AND OTHER STORIES by Cynthia DeLaVergne is a collection of flash fiction stories based on the supernatural and romance genres.
The collection starts off with, "The Game of Cats and Birds," a romance genre flash fiction, where Mimi and Sakuya find themselves hiding out in a rundown motel after Sakuya helped Mimi escape her abusive boyfriend. Regret gets to Mimi as she watches a pair of birds gets cornered by a hungry cat.

In "The Box," a romance genre flash fiction, Tanoshii prepares for a special day with his girlfriend of four years, Risa. As Tanoshii wants to surprise Risa with the greatest gift ever. Risa, however, already has plans to give Tanoshii the surprise to beat all surprises, a box containing a very special gift that will change their lives forever.

In the supernatural genre flash fiction, "The Vampire Hitchhiker," a driver on his way home picks up a hitchhiker named Presley. The driver finds out, a very dangerous lesson, be careful of who you pick up, because you never know if that person is a monster in disguise.

In the supernatural genre flash fiction, "The Wolf Within," Sakuya finds his livestock brutally slain by some mysterious creature. Sakuya sets out to put an end to the creature's life by any means necessary. Sakuya's friend, Tanoshii tries to talk him out of it, mentioning Sakuya's friend, Momo whom the other hasn't seen since the incidents started happening.

To end the collection, the suspense genre flash fiction, "A Trip Down Memory Lane," Presley returns home to his kittens after a long day of work. Trouble starts when a phone call from his best friend, Crow, who begins to ask questions about a person from Presley's past, he'd rather not talk about.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
1. April
Cynthia DeLaVergne