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A cheating hotwife tests the limits of her marriage, stretching the boundaries of her husband’s acceptance!

Nathan had provided his beautiful wife with an enviable lifestyle. Financial security, frequent glamourous shopping sprees, an extravagant house and his undying love. 

But deep down inside, Alissa begins itching for something different from her financial mastermind husband. A downgrade in lifestyle. 

Nathan is confused at his wife’s insistence to degrade their enviable lifestyle, desperate to drop from the highs of financial security to the depths of trailer park poverty, but when he stumbles upon his dear wife servicing dirty truck drivers through a gloryhole, the pieces slowly start falling into place. 

Alissa eventually confesses her hidden passion for adultery, confiding in her anonymous rendezvous with dirty truck drivers, reliving her younger trailer park years. Her kinky desires continue to stun Nathan as she convinces him to watch as she shares her body with another man. 

Alissa’s infidelity eventually channels Nathan to seek an extra marital partner, in the hopes of opening up the opportunity of swinging. But when the relationship between Alissa’s and Nathan’s extra marital partner’s overlap……..

…….the four individuals are left with a unsurmountable decision to make………..

A sizzling hot 23,500 word romance novella featuring wife-sharing, voyeurism, a hotwife’s passion for servicing dirty truck drivers in a gloryhole and sharing her body with another man in front of her husband as she confesses her dark and hidden lust for infidelity!

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24. Oktober
Karly Violet

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