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The fantastic, intriguing, and exciting stories and legends of mysterious creatures and their enigmatic habits have been well documented and retold over and over for millennia… But what do these critters do during a regular day in their lives? It almost seems as though their normal lives are even more mysterious than their legendary brushes with mankind. For instance, how does Bigfoot fare during a trip to the grocery store? Can the Loch Ness Monster deal with customer service representatives long enough to get her rockin’ custom made electric guitar replaced? Are mummies able to adequately replace broken air conditioning units and interpret text messages from their estranged ex-girlfriends? Can the robot that the Loch Ness Monster built to simplify her life adequately perform stand-up comedy and survive being launched into space?

The Humdrum Lives of Cryptids, Monsters, and Villains examines these scenarios and many more! No longer will the day-to-day activities of these creatures remain shrouded in mystery. This collection of thirteen original short stories includes:

Bigfoot: A Trip to the Grocery Store
Zombie: Attending an Outdoor Music Festival
Loch Ness Monster: Ordering an Electric Guitar
Mummy: Repairing an Air Conditioner
Werewolf: Opening A Café
Mermaid: Replacing a VCR
Centaur: A Subpar Vacation Experience
Minotaur: Ordering a Pizza to the Labyrinth
Bigfoot: Starting a Blog
A Day in the Afterlife of Bigfoot’s Ghost: Renewing a Library Card
Some Ado About Literally Everything: A Play by William Snakespeare
The Robot Loch Ness Monster: Trying Stand-Up Comedy Again
Dragon: Selected for Jury Duty

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31. Mai
M. R. Holman

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