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The World Into Which Jesus Came

What The World Was Like In The First Century A.D.

What was the world like into which Jesus came? What were the different political and religious divisions of the Holy Land?

This first section will examine the historical background of the world that saw the coming of Christ as well as some of the important characters that were prominent in the four gospels.

Part 2

The Life And Ministry Of Jesus

This section examines some of the key elements of the public ministry of Jesus. Although His public life was for a period of a few short years, He has influenced the course of this world as none other.

In this first section, we will find out why He came to this world, His relationship to the Law of Moses, His miraculous deeds, and His relationship to Bible prophecy.

Part 3

The Betrayal, Trial, And Death Of Jesus The Last Days Of Christ

This final section will look at some of the events of the end of the life of Jesus. We consider His betrayal and death. 

When Jesus was a child the first recorded thing that He uttered was that He must be about His Father’s business (Luke 2:49).

On the cross, Jesus final words were, “It is finished.”

Jesus announced to the world that He had completed His Father’s business.

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